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OnPay is one of the few payroll providers that offer free data migration for new customers. This can be a great benefit for accountants who are changing payroll providers. We reviewed 16 payroll services using a comprehensive methodology to help you find the 10 best payroll software for accountants. Our ratings looked at factors that included the starting price of the software, general features useful for accountants, customer reviews and ratings on third-party websites and a final review by our experts. Accountants are often tasked with managing payroll for their clients.

  • They do wish that Justworks offered more in the way of integrations with popular accounting and other software and some express the need for more customizable platform features.
  • Accountants who use Rippling can also pass along discounts on third-party apps that integrate with Rippling, including Slack, Zoom, 1Password and more.
  • Unfortunately, while many larger accounting applications do contain a payroll component, most of these applications are designed for larger businesses.
  • In addition, when trying to access tax services, I was simply upsold by a partner company that wanted $500 plus $150 to do my taxes.

This included the starting price for the software, the range of pricing for all of a provider’s plans and whether the provider offers a free trial of its product. The four payroll services we selected for this ranking offer benefits administration and HR tools. They also offer payment processing for contractors and tiered packages based on the needs of the business.

Pricing – 20%

The services let workers enter direct deposit information, and you connect a business bank account on the employer end, so payroll runs without you having to print and deliver checks. Wave offers two plans based on the state in which you operate your business. If you operate in one of the 14 states in which Wave offers tax services, you will pay a higher base monthly rate to take advantage of these services. All other states must remit payment and file their taxes themselves and so will pay a lower monthly base rate for Wave’s payroll solution.

payroll services

Payroll refers to the total compensation a company pays employees for their work. Payroll also refers to the process of calculating employees’ net pay and initiating payment to them. Whether you have one employee or 100, you’ll need to process payroll to ensure they get paid correctly and that proper records are kept. Some features I wish were better include its automation options, customization options and chat support. There are almost no automation options and you cannot customize the dashboard at all. In addition, when I contacted the chat support to ask if I had missed any customization options, I was given irrelevant responses and prompted to contact customer support via email.

What are the different payroll cycles?

Full-service setup, payroll, and tax filing online, plus, additional HR options. While growing your team as a business owner can be exciting, it’s important to make sure you have your ducks in a row when it comes to payroll. Fortunately, there are a variety of services bookkeeping and payroll services on the market that don’t just help you handle payroll but also employee benefits, onboarding, bookkeeping and more. Aside from the features, be sure to also keep price points and user experience in mind when selecting the right payroll service for you.

Paychex is a payroll and HR service provider for businesses of all sizes. Paychex Flex is its simplified payroll platform designed for small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. It was easy to manually add an employee or independent contractor by entering their name, email address and other crucial information. The platform offers a checkbox option to invite the added employee or contractor to fill out the rest of the information themselves. Though this process was straightforward, manually entering several people could get tedious for companies with high hiring volumes. Gusto includes features that might appeal particularly to modern startup workers, including automated charitable donations.

Common Functionality Found in Payroll Software for Accountants

It takes care of payroll tax payment and filing in 14 states (and growing), and offers a self-service employee portal for easy access to tax documents and banking and contact updates. The platform offers an easy-to-use basic payroll processing platform to pay employees and contractors, but no HR and benefits administration in its basic Essentials plan. It strips away the complex features of the broader Paychex platform to stand out as a provider of easy employee payroll. The platform provides automated, full-service through its AutoPilot payroll software for both employees and contractors—and even offers a low-cost contractor-only plan. It facilitates employee benefits including health care, employee financial wellness, retirement plans and more. To find the best payroll software for accountants, we looked at the most popular, best reviewed software on the market.

payroll services

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