Best Payroll Services For Small Business of April 2024

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The payroll process supports employees and contractors, off-cycle or bonus payments, and reimbursements. Large organizations with diverse workforces and multiple locations can use Paychex Flex to serve employees and contractors better while streamlining back-office workflows. It offers direct deposit alternatives and employee self-service options. The payroll software integrates with over 250 third-party applications and supports custom integrations through its API Developer Center. Flexible plans and various add-ons make Paychex a great payroll service for large companies.

  • Current or recent experience processing payroll, completing financial reporting and reconciliations, and using an automated financial system preferred.
  • Accountants who work with firms that have large-scale payroll requirements should use Paychex Flex.
  • Employees can then use a left-hand menu to find more detailed information, such as their health benefits options and performance reviews.
  • Pricing, ease of use, compliance tools, and customer support are also important, as well as tax filing services (so you don’t need to handle these yourself).
  • The only tool you need to implement paperless payroll is payroll software.
  • Additionally, there might be bonuses, rewards, and perks to think about.
  • A subscription to the payroll module will cost $249 annually, and telephone support is $199 annually.

In our evaluation, SurePayroll by Paychex received an overall rating of 4.20 out of 5, earning high marks of 4 and above in nearly all categories. In addition to unlimited payroll, you can also set its system to run automatically—provided you have already bookkeeping and payroll services processed a successful payroll and don’t expect any changes to it. In case your clients want to give employee bonuses, simply add the expected take-home amounts into Patriot, and its “Net to Gross Payroll” tool will automatically gross it up for taxes.

Paychex has the best HR and payroll packages for small businesses

As it does, accountants may need to expand their offerings into the realm of payroll services. You might use software to run the numbers and simplify direct deposit, but in the end, you’re responsible for payroll tax compliance and making sure employees get paid the right amount. If you’re also an accountant, you know how important it is to track payroll totals, process paychecks and direct deposit, and file and pay your payroll taxes. Of all of the stand-alone payroll software and services, SurePayroll offers the best integration with third-party accounting applications. Lisa Lindsey is a seasoned HR consultant and coach and the founder of Peale Piper, a boutique human resources consulting firm. She helps small to mid-size businesses transform their culture, move their human resources practices from transactional to strategic, as well as develop and retain their employees.

payroll services accountants

Because of cloud payroll, you no longer have to pour time into keeping up with changing tax laws—the payroll automatically updates. And, you don’t have to worry about filing and remitting payroll tax forms and payments thanks to full-service payroll options. Providing payroll services to your accounting clients can be profitable with the right strategy and partnership. Technology continues to automate certain manual, repetitive tasks (think data entry).

Paychex Pricing

Payroll software providers and accountants have the option to choose between a Self Service or Full Service payroll plan. QuickBooks Payroll is cost-efficient as pricing is scalable and based on the number of employees enrolled for payroll. Whether you are a payroll service provider, an independent accountant, or a business looking for an accounting system, the solutions above can meet your requirements. Among them, Xero may well be your best option considering its payroll features are natively integrated into one of the most reliable and trusted accounting systems.

Newly enrolled accountant partners are also required to run client payroll with Gusto within 30 days of signing up for the program to receive the resulting discount or revenue share. Payroll companies like Gusto don’t offer all the tools you’ll need to manage the entire employee lifecycle, especially as your company grows. Paychex has features similar to ADP’s, but they aren’t as robust, such as job postings (ADP can post to more than 25,000 job boards, while Paychex only has a dozen).

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