10 methods of Being a Geek Makes you more desirable | Mingle2’s Blog

1. Intelligent will be the brand-new gorgeous and definitely nobody can reject it.

2. It really is stylish become a geek.

Everyone should forget the label of thick eyeglasses, covering their unique confronts behind their laptop computers, an obsession with star trip, and steering clear of visual communication. Time has changed: geeks in many cases are fashionable, hip individuals who are very aimed together with the trends of one’s own generation. Together with specs cause them to become geeky guys hella sexy.

3. You geek out on more than simply your pc.

Geek has actually more than just a book and video games collection. Actually heard of film selection of a movie geek?  Ever before seen the body of a physical fitness geek? They may be a lot more than puffing hot. The tenacity of someone like all of us, when used on hobbies outside computers and stuff like that, can yield remarkable effects.

4. Geek humor.

It really is quite a shame if you don’t comprehend their jokes. Geek wit is the better humor. This can be perhaps biased viewpoint, but I never laughed because difficult when I have actually while reading many random, amusing items that was released of geek society.

“an internet designer is filling out an application:

Age: 31

Top: 5’9″

Eye tone: #008000″

5. You tune in to great songs.

Geek and stone sound like an incompatible pair. A geek exactly who rocks? Do you know what? They are doing work out great and fit your perfect geek get access to resources that allow us to listen music that expands well beyond the utmost effective 40 radio. Desire the complete discography of Aphex dual by tomorrow mid-day? Ask a geek. Not only do they listen to great songs, they are able to discover anything you are looking for in a

6. You will be making good money.

If absolutely one stereotype about geeks that always bands genuine, it really is that they seldom find it difficult generating a decent earnings. Genius gets compensated well. Aren’t Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg both obvious lifestyle evidence? And you all know how a lot they made, right? Discover me a developer or a health care professional has no money. I dare you.

7. You fix stuff.

Everyone loves a handyman, specifically one that can fix just about the most annoying products ever conceived: your own computer. Pc issue, your own fridge doesn’t work? Call your own geeky guy immediately and program him some fascination with the night time.

8. You’ve got your things going on.

Who is going to stand a
clingy sweetheart
and wont provide you with some quality alone time? You’ll never fulfill a technical whom runs out of things you can do, they have countless hobbies and therefore are over thrilled to jump headfirst into one of those whenever they’ve had gotten some spare-time. Put another way: they won’t use you to definitely provide them with a life. Cannot get enough of separate and inventive guys.

9. you are extremely articulate.

Your own geeky guys never ever end surprising you with his incredible cleverness. Compulsively checking out a hundred or so RSS nourishes per day yields a vocabulary which could put many school English majors to shame.

10. you are passionate.

Whenever a technical has an interest in something, they become totally tangled up in it totally. This intense love can extend to numerous areas of a geek’s life, not simply computer systems, and interests. And furthermore, figure as he has his sight throughout you.