Meet Awardo

Awardo is a directory that ranks software solutions and service providers. The platform comes with a methodology that Awardo will work with to list the best business technologies.

Profile evaluation

Each company that lists a software solution or service will go through an extensive evaluation by our team before approval, taking into account a few criteria. In order for a profile to be approved it is important to verify the author and have a portfolio. The verification of the author is done via email or phone call. Please note that if the company is listed as a startup, then the portfolio criteria is no longer a condition for the listing to be approved.

In addition to the above, we have other additional criteria that will be considered in the initial score when publishing the business. Our team will seek domain authority and reviews on other platforms to have an overall idea about the impact the company has on its market. Again, please note that if the company is listed as a startup, then domain authority and reviews on other platforms are no longer considered to mark an initial listing score.

Once the business is published on Awardo, the automatic evaluation takes over and with time the listings are ranked in their categories taking into account review ratings and profile information. For more information on company scoring methodology, visit this page.

Well ranked companies are eligible for recognition/performance badges, regular “best of” and insight articles and more.

Meet Awardo

Evaluating a review

Another important component of the way we work is receiving reviews as honestly as possible. We evaluate each review very carefully, encouraging reviews that are relevant to a particular solution or agency and that come from real people who have had experience with the company.

We do not allow fake reviews, as other platforms do. Sometimes, users offer reviews just to get as many gift cards as possible. False reviews are to the detriment of the buyer who is looking for the most authentic reviews to get the best idea about a solution or service.

Startup Filter

The start-up ecosystem is the source of many innovations and accessible solutions, which are sometimes not visible enough for interested early adopters. Therefore Awardo wants to provide a special filter for buyers that want to prospect also startups that are coming with competitive prices, fresh energy and innovation.

During the evaluation, our team will check if the company that wants to be listed as a startup is eligible. If the company is not older than 12 months, can benefit from the special Awardo filter. Buyers are often looking for new companies for better prices. Please note that this option is enabled for 1 year from the date of approval.