Why think about hunting startups?

Awardo has recently activated the "Startups" filter for buyers looking for new companies, offering alternatives to various solutions and services. By default, each category filters vendors by number of reviews and uses profile information to rank companies. Buyers can change the filter to hunt new companies and search for better prices and new technologies more easily.

Key Advantages

Sometimes, the first criterion in which a buyer chooses a vendor is the lower prices. The first place to look for better prices is to search for new startups, and Awardo regularly updates the database with new listings every month. Another key advantage is that, most of the time, startups come with innovation, new / better ways to solve a problem and in the case of agencies with new energy and motivation to provide good services.
Startup Hunting

How to Search for Startups

In both the Software and the Services directory for each category, you can filter a list by sorting according to specific rules. You can sort by number of reviews, review rating, by newest or oldest but also starting first with newest startups approved on Awardo.

To list the most recently added startups, you need to change the filter to “Startups”.

Here, at Awardo, we evaluate each startup before approving them in the related categories and making them visible for 12 months by enabling the special filter.