What is Awardo?

Awardo is a European company that provides a B2B marketplace of verified business technologies. The review-based platform has been built to make the search process easier, providing reliable software solutions and service providers, all in one place.

The company is located in Romania at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, in the capital of Bucharest, with the aspiration of becoming a top review platform in the region for business technologies.

Our key values after which Awardo works

An honest platform.

The main purpose of Awardo is to provide honest reviews and evaluations without being influenced by sponsorships and focusing more on the interest of the buyer. To do this, we evaluate each listing according to a methodology where you can read more about it here.

No fake reviews.

We do not allow fake reviews like other platforms, to avoid this, we closely evaluate and approve every review that comes to Awardo. If the reviews are not targeted and relevant, we do not publish them. Users often write summary reviews to receive gift cards without reflecting a true experience they had.

Promoting startups.

We believe that innovation, performance and great value can come from newcomers and the challenge they face every time is the unparalleled awareness that the competition already has. Here at Awardo, we help startups be more visible with their innovative solutions and services and also with their competitive prices.

Technology insights for both buyers and vendors.

We publish valuable information about business technologies using data reports from the Awardo platform. Being a closed circle, we can only do this with your help, both seller and buyer, therefore we encourage you to use the Awardo platform to support us.