Interview with Dan Stefan CEO – Simplio3D

On Awardo, we will continue to bring new types of useful resources to read, including interviews with CEOs, founders, co-founders, investors, etc. to learn directly from them, information about their businesses. In this interview, we have Dan Stefan, founder of Simplio3D, answering 5 questions about his 3d product configurator solution and its impact on the e-commerce industry:

What is Simplio3D and when was it founded?

Simplio3D is a visual-based product configurator platform allowing companies to showcase their customizable products online and increase their interaction between products/services and customers. All key features are found in one package, ready for deployment and scalability working in synergy with third-party solutions like ERPs, ecommerce platforms and many other software solutions. Simplio3D was founded in 2013, being at the time one of the first standardized web-based product configurators with a ready-to-install solution available. Today, the solution is much more complex, having behind it a library ready to satisfy any requirement based on the experience of many years of implementations.

What are the key factors that differentiate from other similar solutions?

By implementing 3D product configurators for many years, we have been able to perfect some of our key features, such as: the 3D visualization part, where we come with unique lighting, shadows and shaders, Simplio3D having one of the highest quality in-browser renderers on the market. Not only this, but we optimized the 3D loader to make the product configurator run faster on most devices and internet connections. The platform is integrated with major ERP systems, SMTP email services, ecommerce platforms and Autodesk Forge to generate CAD drawings directly utilized in the manufacturing process. Simplio3D is one of the early testers and adopters of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies with great potential. 

3d product configurator

For what type of businesses Simplio3D is suitable and why?

Simplio3D is suitable for almost any type of business in most industries. Obviously, I think the solution is very important to have for companies that sell customizable products and services and want to offer a 3d visualization option to customers. From the simplest to the most complex configurators, Simplio3D has options for any type of business and budget from small to enterprise level. We take every inquiry carefully and offer a free consultation to find out the best options to suit their business needs.

Can you elaborate a typical impact on a business once they start using Simplio3D?

Usually, businesses who want to deploy a configurator also want to integrate with an ecommerce platform to finalize orders or integrate with their internal operations like an ERP system. Therefore, the whole sales process is automated, no more need to draw the sketch during the quote, reduce customer support, decrease the return rate because the customers already know exactly through the 3d configurator what they bought, after submitting a quote all the information is pushed into the ERP or finalized by an e-commerce platform using an API call. Thousands, millions of product variants are kept in the configurator database and only queried when the customer configures their product. This ends reducing costs in almost every department of a company: manufacturing, marketing, human resources and operations.

What are the plans for next year?

Our plan is to constantly improve Simplio3D, some key areas we want to focus on in the next year are the immersive part of the solution, such as: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality capabilities, better user experience and more integrations with third-party software solutions.

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