Awardo Scoring Methodology

The methodology in evaluating and scoring a software or company is the most important component in building a realistic and accurate business platform. Here, at Awardo, the evaluation methodology is made up of two subcomponents: manual and automatic evaluation. Each subcomponent contributes to the overall score of a company.

Manual evaluation is essential when a software or company is listed and, prior to approval, one of our staff will examine it according to some internal established criteria. Automatic evaluation is performed directly by the platform’s algorithms taking into account several parameters, such as reviews and profile information. The overall score of a company or software is between 0 – 100 taking into account both manual and automatic evaluation. But the automatic evaluation will have a major impact in improving the position in Awardo.

The above evaluation and scoring methodology will have an impact on the listing position in the categories where the company and software are listed. Let’s cover in more detail what manual and automatic evaluation means.

Manual Evaluation

Manual evaluation is essential before approving the listing on Awardo. For now, there are 4 criteria by which one of our staff will approve and provide a score. If a listing is denied, the author may have a second chance of approval after reviewing the criteria that need to be revised. Out of 4 criteria, 2 are mandatory for the listing to be approved: company verification and portfolio. If the company cannot be verified and does not have a portfolio listed on their official website, it will not be approved by Awardo staff. 

Author Verification

In order for a list to be approved, it is mandatory to contact the author by e-mail or phone call. If the staff cannot further connect with the author after submitting the listing, it will not be approved.

Exploring Portfolio

Another important criterion by which our staff will approve or not the listing is whether or not the company has a portfolio published on their official website. We do not provide a score based on how big the portfolio is, our staff only checks if they have had experience with projects relevant to the categories in which they were listed on Awardo and on other platforms.

Domain Authority

Our staff also checks the domain authority, trying to get an idea of the company’s awareness on the internet. The domain authority will inform us about the PR, the relevant content they have distributed on the internet and the links they have with other companies. Depending on the domain authority, our staff can add points to the overall score on the Awardo platform.

Checking Other Major Review Platforms

Prior to approval, our staff will look for customer or user reviews on other known platforms to get an overview of the experience people have had with the company or software. Depending on the ratings found, our staff can add points to the overall score.

Automated Evaluation

Awardo has an algorithm that helps to rank software solutions and agencies, taking into account some information found on each profile. The algorithm constantly updates all listing categories starting always with the highest ranked. In order for a profile to be better ranked, Awardo “looks” for the number of reviews, the review score and how complete the profile is.

User and Customer Reviews

The most important information found on a profile that will significantly affect its ranking is the number of reviews and the review score. The more reviews it has and the higher the review score, the better it will rank.

Profile Information

The Awardo algorithm constantly checks to see how complete a profile is and this will directly affect the overall position in the categories in which it is listed.


We recognize high-ranking software solutions and agencies by offering customized badges and include them in our articles and insights.