CHI Network
Bridging the token economy to events
Company description

Events are temporary economies and an excellent opportunity to implement cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. However, current blockchain networks have slow transaction speeds, are unsustainable, charge high fees, and don’t offer off-grid payment

CHI Network is a decentralized blockchain & DAO for the event industry that enables off-grid transactions. It is bridged to popular networks like Ethereum and works with CHI Coins, X Cash, and rewards.


– Open-source and DAO governed
– Off-grid layer2
– Low transaction costs
– High TPS
– Decentralized protocols for events such as NFT ticketing
– Bridges to other networks
– Projects are supported by grants
– Holding, off-grid, and validator rewards
– CHI Coin, a volatile utility coin
– X Cash, the world’s first decentralized event currency

Number of employees
2 - 9
Baar, Zug, Switzerland, 6300
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