SEO monitoring & data warehouse
Company description

We are a software startup that sells a SEO tool for website migrations.

searchVIU helps discover and fix differences between the live and dev version that might harm the SEO performance of the website once the DEV version is launched.

Use our advanced analytics to protect your SEO performance and improve it in the long term. Additionally, the tool crawls the live website and the staging version of the new website and compares both of them. All crawls include full JavaScript rendering and are integrated with data that is imported from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


– Javascript enabled crawler at scale
– Build your SEO Data Warehouse (GSC, GA, Logfiles, Adwords, etc.)
– Each crawl is compared to the previous
– Full website history to explore and track changes related to SEO
– All data comes in fully customizable Google Data Studio reports

Number of employees
2 - 9
Gebr. Wright Str, 58, 53125
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