Know you are protected: Safely test against real threats
Company description

Cybersecurity leaders: Stop worrying and know that you are protected.

SightGain is the only integrated risk management solution focused on cybersecurity readiness. SightGain tests and measures readiness using real-world attack simulations in your live environment.

SightGain first quantifies your organization’s risk exposure including potential financial loss, downtime, or data loss. Then it assesses your readiness posture identifying the specific strengths and weaknesses in your production environment. Finally, it enables you to prioritize investments that will optimize your security readiness across people, processes, and technology.


– SOC readiness reporting.
– Train and evaluate your analysts against real threats.
– Obtain the highest quality risk measures on the market.
– Know the gaps in your defense.
– Eliminate assumptions.
– Take control of your cybersecurity.

Number of employees
10 - 49
Fulton, Maryland, United States, 20723
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